eddataThe School/Law Enforcement Partnership (SLEP) is a partnership between the California Department of Justice and the Department of Education. SLEP provides trainings and resources for school safety issues. California Education Code 32280-32289 requires that all schools in the state develop and implement a comprehensive school safety plan based upon individual assessments of school sites. Schools must review and update plans by March 1st of every year and must report the status of the comprehensive school safety plan on the school accountability report card by July of every year.

The School Law Enforcement Partnership offers trainings and resources that will allow schools to develop comprehensive school safety plans that meet California Education Code requirements. The SLEP also provides emergency readiness trainings that will assist schools in meeting federal National Incident Management Systems (NIMS) requirements. In addition, with many schools feeling the effects of bullying, the SLEP provides trainings on bullying prevention and intervention. This training is done with the comprehensive school safety plan in mind and participants will be able to develop bully prevention efforts that can be used as part of the mandated schools safety plan.

The SLEP trainers are school safety experts that come from the fields of education, probation, law enforcement, mental health and other agencies serving youth. These individuals are highly trained and are distributed throughout the state. The trainers are supported by regional coordinators. If you are interested in becoming an SLEP trainer, please contact the regional coordinator nearest to your location.

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